Change the way you feel. 


A Healing Touch Massage Therapy has been operating in Prince Albert for over 15 years and I have been the owner for just about as long. 


Today, A Healing Touch has several registered massage therapists working as subcontractors out of the clinic. The majority of the clients we see at A Healing Touch are experiencing pain and restricted movement. In my years as an RMT, I’ve worked with clients that have had a range of issues from acute injuries following an accident or sport injuries to those that suffer from chronic pain like arthritis and repetitive injuries such as tendinitis. At A Healing Touch it has always been my goal to get you feeling better. I don’t want pain and restricted movement affecting your quality of life.

To ensure you are receiving care that will contribute to you feeling better, all therapists at A Healing Touch are registered with a professional association which is only possible if they have had professional training at certified Massage Therapy Institutions. While the therapists are all subcontractors that work independently, you can rest assured that each one has the knowledge required to contribute to your care.


Our focus is on healing, but if you’re looking for relaxation we are here to provide that too. Either way, we hope to see you soon,


- Jerri Frantik, Owner, RMT